The story of USS Canopus AS-9

The story of Canopus was written by Captain E. L. Sackett, United States Navy.  He was the commanding officer of Canopus in the Philippines.  The story was sent by the Bureau of Naval Personnel to the families of her officers and crew.

I have chosen to digitize the entire package for inclusion on these pages.  Because of age the pages are faded and discolored.  Sharpening images on one area of the page distorts images on another area so I have minimized corrections to these images.  For some this may be difficult to read so I have included a TEXT version in more readable type that is formatted as the originals.  I've made only minor spelling corrections to the text version.

Please be aware that some of the terminology in the Canopus story would not be considered politically correct today.  

Because the story is twenty-one typewritten pages I am breaking the digitized copies into four sections.
Links are below the cover letter near the bottom of this page.

Cover letter with Captain E. L. Sacketts' story of the USS Canopus AS-9
Cover letter received with the Canopus story.

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TEXT version of the
     Canopus Story

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